Beer Italia

All hail our next big thing - new for 2020, its The Beer Italia.

The info: 2,200 miles between the 19th and the 27th September.  £1,350 entry for two people sharing a car and travelling from the UK.

From our humble beginnings driving a TVR clean across the globe, we're now eighteen months into this whole Pub2Pub Adventures, erm, adventure.  It's been quite the buzz so far, with our organised road trips roaming far and wide across Europe, seeking out the finest quirky destinations, the best driving roads and the most spiffing hostelries in which to enjoy a post-hoon pint.  We've taken people everywhere from the Spanish Pyrenees to the far side of Germany, and from the Mediterranean coast to a mountain named 'Wank'.  But there's one place we haven't been yet.


As car enthuisasts, this troubles us, because we've heard some rumours that the good folk of northern Italy may have made a notable horseless carriage or two in their time, so we figured we'd check it out and see whether the rumours are true.  And with this being a Pub2Pub trip, you can expect some randomness along the way.

Randomness like a night in the best wine-tasting town in France, followed by a morning exploring a chateau which for no apparent reason just happens to have a collection of around 80 old jet fighter planes in its grounds.  Or like the Rolls Royce collection we'll be visiting, which is unfathomably tucked away amid the more obscure hills of rural Austria.  Then there's the driving roads, which take in the some of the best the western Alps have to offer, before taking in the twists of Italy's Apennines, the Dolomites, Switzerland and the Jura Alps.  There's the scenery, which ranges from Italy's legendary 'Cinque Terre' and Turin's iconic sights, to the shores of Lake Garda.  And rumour has it, there are a few more attractions of note at the trip's halfway point.

Attractions like the Ferrari and Lamborghini museums, Maserati's and even Pagani's little facility.  And we'll be spending a few days visiting them all and grabbing a drink too, at the bars by the front gates which the workers frequent.  And of course, this isn't the full story - we'll be making sure the trip has plenty of the attention to detail which has characterised our previous jaunts across the continent.

So that's the plan - a sporty jaunt to the supercar factories of Italy and back, taking in a smorgasbord of great roads, unlikely sights and awesome evening refreshment stops.  Just remember, in that country, they drive on the wrong side of the road... 

The price covers channel crossings, accommodation, trip paraphernalia, vignettes and entry to museums for two people sharing a car - if you'd like any further information or are tempted to join the fun, fire an email across to and we'll be happy to help.

Trust us, we're going to make the Beer Italia our best adventure yet - think the Eagle Rally, but with more pizza and biera moretti. hopefully we'll be seeing you on the road in may, and until then, ciao!