The Twelve Drives of Christmas - 11. The Slovenian Job.

As mildly adventurous road trips go, it's a pretty standard one.  Buy a cheeky classic in some far-flung corner of Europe, and drive it home.  It's something we did in 2016, when we put a deposit down on a Renault 4, unseen in Slovenia, and flew in to collect it and hit the road back to Blighty:

And let's face it, pottering across Europe in a classic Renault at a constant 45mph isn't a bad way to pass the time.

Car - 1987 Renault 4

Cost - 650 euros

modifications - none

Route - Slovenia to England, via the Dolomites, Turin, Grenoble and Rural France.

Ben's rating:  7.5/10.  Possibly the least sporty thing I've ever driven.  And I've driven auto-rickshaws.  And I own a Volvo 240.  Still, if you get into the lethargic groove and bimble along, taking the minor roads home, a Benault can be a fine companion.

The full illustrated story of that bimble home is in the following article:

And here's the Benault enjoying Devon once it had made it back to Blighty: