The 2019 Eagle Rally - six months to go...

So, there's just over half a year until our gallant Eagle Ralliers set forth to cross the continent, en-route for the heady heights of the Kehlsteinhaus.  And in recognition of this arbitrary moment in the build-up to 2019's coolest road trip, here's the provisional itinerary which we're currently working on:

11th May - We'll be kicking off from Gatton Manor bright and early, with a cars & coffee meet.  This will be open to all, and given this year's event resulted in everything from Ferraris and Aston Martins, to the new prototype TVR Griffith, it should be a pretty awesome launch event.

After Lunch, we'll be hitting the road to Folkstone, from where we cross the channel and head to Belgium, for the first beers of the trip.

12th May - Sunday is all about the best which the Ardennes have to offer - we're talking a day which starts at Waterloo and then heads down through the twisting driving roads which lead to Luxembourg, then on to Germany.

13th May - this is a day of flexibility, as we motor inexorably towards Stuttgart.  You want to check out the Auto & Technik museum in Sinsheim, complete with its Concorde and Soviet 'Concordski' on the roof, and Europe's largest collection of F1 cars inside?  No worries.  But how about the sister museum in Speyer, which features a U-Boat and a Russian Buran space shuttle?  Or there's always the Unesco Steelworks at Volkslingen?  Both options, as is the Mercedes museum at Stuttgart.  Or perhaps you'd like to check out the goings on at Hockenheim, before smashing out some Vmax runs on the autobahn?  Yep, that's an option too.  Basically, Monday on the Eagle Rally is whatever you want it to be...

14th May - Given you're interested in this 'ere Eagle Rally, I'm going to hazard a guess that you kinda like cars.  Which is ideal, because the highlight of May 14th is the Porsche museum and factory in Stuttgart, followed by a life-affirming run down to Lake Constance, where the alps jewel the horizon and send the tarmac twisting...

15th & 16th May - The legendary Alpenstrasse - a 280 mile ribbon of tarmac perfection which winds its way from the shores of Lake Constance to the front door of the Eagle's Nest.  The scenery is stunning, the restaurants delightful, the views from the summit of 'Mount Wank' mesmerising. 

17th May - We drive one of the most spectacular roads in Germany - the aptly named  'Panorama Strasse' - to take in the great views and turns which exist in Germany's south east corner, before heading up to the Eagle's Nest for a well earned beer, then hitting the autobahn back in the rough direction of England.

18th May - We'll be on the road home, but don't worry, the excitement is going to keep on rolling, thanks to the excitement of the driving roads which jewel the Mossel Valley and Effel mountains, and the potential for a trip to the Nordschleife, touristfehren calendar permitting...

19th May - There are two options for our last day in Europe.  Need to get home sharpish so you stand a chance of being well recovered by Monday morning?  Then jump on the lunchtime ferry.  Or, fancy making the most of your time on the continent by dropping into the final day of the Spa Classic?  Excellent; it's something I hope to be able to make available...


So, that's the rough outline of the trip, although there'll be a few surprises in there too, to keep things interesting.  We've still got some spaces available, so if you're feeling tempted, you can see more info and reserve your place here.

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